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mindful gifting mindful sauce

Mindful Gifting: 5 Ways To Give More Consciously This Season

Plastics, disposable things, clutter, useless junk. My version of gifting nightmares. It’s the season to consume and exchange things. There’s always an opportunity for mindful gifting to show our loved ones that we care. Here are five ideas to think about before you offer gifts this season.

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Emptiness - mindful sauce
The Human Experience

On Emptiness

This piece is a representation of an internal dialogue that I had with myself on feeling empty. Here I write about how I used resources to better understand where this feeling came from and the steps I was taking to find my way to the light.

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Lebanon Chronicles

Bullied In Silence

Empowerment is about denouncing the things that are unfair and unjust, and often it’s not well received by those perpetuating those very things. In this article I talk about some behaviours I’ve observed around the topic of bullying in Lebanon. It’s only by discussing it and raising awareness of how pervasive bullying is that we can begin to make positive changes.

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Les desorientes
Lebanon Chronicles

Review of Les Desorientés by Amin Maalouf

I read Amin Maalouf’s book Les Desorientés in an attempt to get a better understanding of Lebanon’s political and cultural landscape. In this post I review the book and summarise my thoughts.

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