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The Stories Of Mindful Sauce

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Hoarder Hoarding Mindful Sauce
Lebanon Chronicles

Confessions Of A Recovering Hoarder

Have you tried to be a minimalist in a world driven by scarcity and fear? This is a tender reflection on our hoarding tendencies and an attempt to resolve the struggle of trying to own less when everything else around you forces you otherwise.

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mindful sauce
The Human Experience

What’s In The Name? The Mindful Sauce Journey

Mindful Sauce is about talking about things they don’t teach us in school, but most of all, it’s about being authentic, and nothing feels more authentic than talking about what’s currently consuming me and my fellow citizens.

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Lebanon Explosion
Lebanon Chronicles

Beirut, The Morning After At 8am

I wrote this poem to Beirut and I express how it felt to deal with the devastation the morning after the explosion that ravaged Beirut on 4 August 2020.

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