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Gratitude Day #13: A Person, the story of an amazing transformation.

I wrote about a person who deeply affected me. His name is John.
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I wrote about a person who had a significant impact in my life. For more inspiring material, read the full Gratitude Series.

His name is John.

He let me borrow his eyes for a while so I could learn new ways of seeing myself and the world, and boy are they gorgeous. He gave meaning to painful experiences I never had the words to explain, and showed me their purpose. He taught me that the cracks were there so the light could get in.

Sometimes I wonder what things would have been like if our paths hadn’t crossed, how life would have looked with my old pair of eyes, a little grey, somewhat dull.

Some people come into your life to awaken you to a new reality, to jolt you out of your stupor, and something shifts inside of you. I knew from that moment on, a faint glimmer of hope had shined through, a cloud of haze had lifted, and life was never the same again.

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