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Gratitude Day #18: An item I use every day

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Here’s what a typical day looks like with my most used item, my smartphone.

  • Morning alarm rings.
  • Wake up and check the Coronavirus tracker.
  • Check emails, Whatsapp, and social media.
  • Play with my dog, take pictures.
  • Play music while in the shower.
  • Check calendar for meeting schedule.
  • Have a meltdown about a bill I haven’t paid, log into online banking app and wire the cash.
  • Check weather before getting ready.
  • Drive to work, play morning podcasts.
  • Check social media.
  • Halfway through catchup with colleagues, remember to add to my to do list, quickly type into Google Sheets.
  • Listen to long winded voice notes on WhatsApp, reply in text.
  • Get an idea about a blog post, scribble in Evernote app.
  • What’s that blue cheese sauce again? Find it on Chrome app.
  • Drive to business meeting in the middle of nowhere, check maps app.
  • When is my period again? Check period tracker app.
  • Check WhatsApp, more long winded voice notes. Delete ‘em. Half my life is gone. Reply in text.
  • Fantasise about a trip abroad, browse trip advisor,, and airline app. Daydream over, back to work.

Mainly functional, partly addictive, thank you phone for making my life 100x easier, how did we ever do it in the 90s?

I’m so curious to know what are the items you use every day. Please share!


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