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I struggled with his one, “what you find beautiful” is very nebulous and broad, I find a lot of things beautiful. But when I sat with it and distilled my perception of beauty, I realised that there are very few things that move me more than witnessing innocence and vulnerability. This picture marks one of the most tender experiences of innocence I ever got to witness, and I’m so grateful for it. It was taken the day my sweet nephew Leo pushed a little boy off the slide in the park. The boy ran to his mom crying with his face full of dirt from the fall; but Leo wanted to tell him he didn’t mean it so he walked over, gave him the sweetest hug and told him he was sorry. The boy so openly accepted his apology and hugged him back despite his pain and shock, and just like that, they moved past the hurt and were back to laughing and running again. I was so moved by this beautiful moment of innocence I was a sobbing mess watching these little humans connect. Ultimate beauty is when people can soften their hearts and connect with others.
What do you find beautiful that you’re grateful for?


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