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Gratitude Day #21: A technology

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Thank you Internet 🌍.

Our lives have never been easier, knowledge has never been more accessible and we have never been more connected thanks to the Internet. 

People sometimes hate on the Internet for its addictive tendencies, but I think the negative sides of any technology are more about how humans misuse and abuse them for all the wrong reasons than they are about the tech itself. We humans still have a good deal of learning how to control ourselves.

I fall in that addictive trap everyday, and I catch myself mindlessly scrolling, sometimes in a rabbit hole 10 profiles deep, but I realise that this is self-control work I have to do myself; I can’t blame the tech for it.

Love it or hate it, the Internet is the lifeblood of my household as well as my professional, educational and creative life. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate all the goodness it has brought to our lives. 🙏🏼


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