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Gratitude Day #24: My ultimate list of podcasts 2020

Gratitude Podcasts
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Did you really think I was going to stop at 1? No, no, no, no… podcasts are one of my favourite forms of media, I learn so much from them and they help me with my multitasking mission. I listen to them while doing chores, driving or cooking. 

One in particular, The Broad Experience has been a huge solace in my career, it tackles topics of women in the workplace that aren’t discussed much. It’s so well researched and narrated, but has also taught me a great deal about handling these various challenges at work. I remember during a challenging period in my career, I came home one evening after a rough day at work, exhausted, anxious and lonely. I couldn’t stop ruminating over the details of my day, so I listened to a few episodes that tackled the issue with real women talking about their real experiences. I almost immediately felt better and realised I wasn’t the only one going through it.

I also learned the value of sharing stories, partly to feel less lonely in our journeys, but mostly to grow through our collective experiences.

Here are a few of my favourites that I listen to at least weekly.

The Broad Experience:

  • What’s it about: Stories of women and the workplace
  • Why I love it: It breaks taboos around issues women face in the workplace and helped me in my times of need at work.

BBC Radio 4 – The Moral Maze

  • What’s it about: Structured discussions about topical issues and controversial topics
  • Why I love it: It helps me gather my thoughts and form an opinion about recent social issues around the world.

The Tim Ferris Show

  • What’s it about: Interviews with people at the top of their game from all industries, talking about their hacks and tips for their success.
  • Why I love it: it makes success more accessible and it humanises the people behind it.

Modern Love

  • What’s it about: Stories of love, loss and heartbreak
  • Why I love it: Every episode is a story about a relatable topic, it exposes me to types of love and loss that I haven’t experienced before. It makes me a more compassionate person.

HBR Idea Cast

  • What’s it about: Harvard Business Review of new books, leaders in their field and ideas in the business world
  • Why I love it: It keeps me up-to-date with the latest trends in business leadership.

Intelligence Squared

  • What’s it about: Formal debates about topical issues around the world with articulate speakers
  • Why I love it: It helps develop my opinions about topics I haven’t thought about. The structured format teaches me tips on public speaking.

FT Money Show

  • What’s it about: Weekly show about financial tips and news on personal finance
  • Why I love it: It gives me ideas about my next move in my investment portfolio and helps me make decisions about my money.

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