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Gratitude Day #28: Hope

Hope is a poem I wrote inspired by nature and the challenges we face during the coronavirus pandemic. It was also inspired by Emily Dickinson's poem titled Hope, this is my interpretation.
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A poem about hope, seeing the tenderness in humanity and having the courage to look into a bright future. For more healing energy, see my gratitude series.

It’s the small green leaf 
That twirls in the air 
Then rests on the floor
Reminds us spring is upon

It’s the little bird
On the edge of the river
Afraid of the dark water
Yet inches its foot in

It’s a phone call
When we’re feeling low
A warm voice and a loud laugh
Fills our soul and revives 

It’s the resilience
When all feels broken
Gathers the pieces to create
A kinder stronger reality 

Never have we seen
A more trying calamity
Yet I’ve witnessed hearts
Expand on the edge of humanity

This was inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem, Hope.


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