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Gratitude Day #6: A smell I love

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Smells are a big part of how I navigate the world, they have a powerful evocative ability, I can easily recall a person, a location or a specific time in my life from smelling a scent or fragrance.

There are many smells I love, from freshly baked bread, the earth after the rain, a fig tree, or the smell of the sea at a fishing harbour. I even had a manic habit of smelling tip-ex (whiteout) back in school, every time I used it I had to put the bottle up to my nose and have a sniff, I loved it.

But by far the smell I can’t get enough of is freshly washed laundry. I can spend an obsessive amount of time sniffing my freshly cleaned towels or sheets. There’s a very calming and grounding feeling to having clean laundry, it feels like a big hug around me, like I’m cared for.

Keeping yourself clean, fed and safe are the most basic and fundamental acts of self-care you can do for yourself and I’m grateful that I’m fortunate enough to have access to freshly cleaned laundry every day, which I get to obsessively smell fresh off the drum!


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