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The power of gratitude

I spent the month of April 2020 during the coronavirus outbreak practicing the daily ritual of gratitude. We were confined at home in a lockdown, it was – and continues to be – a strange time, I needed something to ground me, so I jumped at the opportunity when my friend suggested we do a gratitude challenge together.


Gratitude Calendar

I decided to share my thoughts of appreciation to inspire positivity during a very challenging time in our lives. I have collected these 30 posts and gave them their own special page so you can follow the ritual.

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Gratitude Series

Explore the Gratitude Series

Gratitude Series

Gratitude Day #3: A Song I Love

Music has a very important place in my life; I have much respect and gratitude for artists/music producers because I couldn’t imagine going through life

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Gratitude Series

Gratitude Day #28: Hope

Hope is a poem I wrote inspired by nature and the challenges we face during the coronavirus pandemic. It was also inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem titled Hope, this is my interpretation.

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