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Gratitude Day #27: A gift I received

I wrote a piece about the gift of generosity and the human spirit.
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I wrote a piece of gratitude about the gift of generosity and the human spirit.

Over the last few days I was working with a financial advisor on a project and our deadline was fast approaching. We were rushing to line everything up to get the deal approved but we faced some complications on the job, which would result in incurring extra unnecessary charges. 

He went out of his way to help me sort the problem out on the weekend bearing in mind he wasn’t getting a penny out of it because of technical issues, he couldn’t bill it to his company.

I asked him why he did it, and he answered: “Over the years life has shown me that what goes around always comes back around”. I was touched by the generosity of his spirit and his deep convictions of reciprocity, I appreciated his gesture as a gift (acts of service remember?).

I’m again reminded of the precious pockets of kindness in people’s hearts.


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