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Homage To My Younger Self – An Anonymous Blog Page I Started 5 Years Ago

I started a blog 5 years ago, anonymously. I wanted to be invisible and share my experiences with others. I didn't follow through but I love her vulnerability and her courage. It took me 5 years to put my name against my experiences. Let the magic begin.
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This post was first published on 8 February 2015 on The Humble Pilgrim WordPress blog I created back then. It was an anonymous blog page I started when I was going through great pain. I was too afraid to be found out, but I wrote with so much vulnerability. I’m paying homage to her courage and her suffering by sharing her wisdom with you all. She’s the original Mindful Sauce. I’m finally making her suffering matter and putting my name against her experiences. She deserves to be seen. I hope you enjoy her writings.


Hello world,

I created this blog to help me untangle the beliefs I accumulated about myself, and share them with the world. My purpose with this blog to introspect with great humility, in an attempt to create a space where I can operate without shame and express my deepest fears and limiting beliefs. The purpose of this is twofold, first to break the dogma of hidden shame, as Brene Brown once taught me, our society operates around shame and the feeling of not being enough, and second to help others along my journey. The more I hide my shame under my facade, the more it grows, and eventually I end up attracting the things that I fear the most. This is a place where I intend to document my journey of exploring my inner core, a pilgrimage towards inner peace, acceptance and balance of the light and shadow.

Some of the wisest people have inspired me to start putting my own content out there such as John McMullinJP SearsInfinite WatersActualizedPrince EACorey WayneTeal SwanByron KatieAlan Watts, amongst others – and for that I am eternally grateful for the awareness and the consciousness they all helped me achieve. What I personally struggle with is turning the important concepts they teach me to listen to into day-to-day action and behavioural/belief changes. They all preach “love yourself!”, and I wholeheartedly agree, but what does this really look like? What does this mean when I’m struggling with a bully at work, or when I’m trying to get lean but can’t seem to get myself out of bed at 5am or when I’m battling with accepting my sister’s terminal illness?

I hope you find something for you in this voyage, if anything it’s perhaps simply that you’re not alone in this. Please do reach out with comments, this is an attempt to create a compassionate and constructive community of people seeking to grow and challenge their boundaries.

No passport required for this one!

Love and light





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