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Mind The Gap Between Your Brain And Your Heart – A Poem About Learning To Trust My Gut

I wrote this poem after receiving an unsolicited opportunity to leave, and I had to make some tough decisions. I describe the process of unpacking my thoughts and feelings to get to my true answer.
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A sparkly escape surprised me unannounced
London called, and tried to lure me
Dangling a deal, too good to denounce.

It split my chest open

I didn’t think the time has come, 
But I couldn’t help but wonder
Whether I’d be a fool to let this one-way-ticket wander.

Fear invaded my limbs as I supposed
If I traded this salty air for my previous life,
Could my soul have any repose?

Lebanon, you don’t make it easy
In the wait for things to get better,
Life is passing us by, and imprinting us deeply.

I worry that one day I’ll wake up agitated
With my back stooped and new wrinkles etched
Imagining what I could have cultivated.

How silly am I to let this one go?
Pass up the chance to plant elsewhere,
What the seeds of Lebanon couldn’t grow.

Can I bear the sight of my mother holding her tears?
Or live with the pain of leaving my own,
It’s only been a few minutes, how has a full year flown?

I made a promise to give it a fair attempt, 
So much unfinished business
Abandoning this voyage is an act I’d surely resent.

So I sought my confidants for direction
To hold up a mirror and show me
My spirit’s truest reflections.

I listened and picked apart
All the voices brawling in my head
And then deferred to the wisdom of my heart.

I asked my core, “what would set you free?”
It wasn’t long before she loudly bellowed,
“Home! There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”






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