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Feeling Worthy
The Human Experience

Feeling Worthy Through Others’ Weaknesses

I spent a good portion of my life outsourcing my validation to the outside world. Partly because I didn’t know any other way to validate myself, and also because I was desperately seeking it.
In this piece, I felt threatened and insecure when a new member joined my team at work. That day I noticed how I can be a bully and emotionally manipulate people around me to feel better about myself.

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Lebanon Chronicles

Bullied In Silence

Empowerment is about denouncing the things that are unfair and unjust, and often it’s not well received by those perpetuating those very things. In this article I talk about some behaviours I’ve observed around the topic of bullying in Lebanon. It’s only by discussing it and raising awareness of how pervasive bullying is that we can begin to make positive changes.

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