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The Stories Of Mindful Sauce

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Lebanon Chronicles

I’m Tired Of Being Lebanese

Sometimes, the struggle of daily life takes a toll. Especially if it’s in Lebanon in 2021. I write about why it’s exhausting living with the fate of being born Lebanese.

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Les desorientes
Lebanon Chronicles

Review of Les Desorientés by Amin Maalouf

I read Amin Maalouf’s book Les Desorientés in an attempt to get a better understanding of Lebanon’s political and cultural landscape. In this post I review the book and summarise my thoughts.

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mindful sauce
The Human Experience

What’s In The Name? The Mindful Sauce Journey

Mindful Sauce is about talking about things they don’t teach us in school, but most of all, it’s about being authentic, and nothing feels more authentic than talking about what’s currently consuming me and my fellow citizens.

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