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The day before your birthday: An authentic poem about love, heartbreak and moving on.

A poem about love, loss and healing. I wrote this as closure for a relationship that ended.
Poem about love, heartbreak and healing
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This is a poem about love, heartbreak and healing. I wrote this as closure for a relationship that ended. For more healing energy, see my gratitude series.

On the day before your birthday,
I took you out to make your day
I wanted you to feel my love in every way

We wined, and dined
Exchanged loving glances
And giggled at our inside romances

I felt like the only queen in your palace
We were invincible,
Nobody could tip our balance

On the day before your birthday, 
I pictured our little girls
I saw their curly hair, a few steps down the way

But as night fell, your demons quietly crept in
They went behind your back
Doubted my feelings and went on the attack

So I waited outside, I gave you the space
Through the window, I saw you fight your shadow
And I felt out of place

Before we knew it, my darkness came out to play
She tried to dance with yours, 
But they tripped, and led us astray

I grew lonely and I tried to show you my pain, 
I longed for your affection
But we couldn’t move past the strain

And after our storms
I stared down at my feet
Our broken hopes in painful debris

I picked some up, and asked you to help me already
You said you feared the thorns 
And your burden was too heavy

So I showed you the way and stopped to wait
Until my river ran dry
And it went sullen by the day

With my heavy heart I reached to the floor
And collected the remains
Lamenting they were once whole, a memory I’ll retain

I gathered myself and my survival kit
I walked, and fought nostalgia 
More than I’d like to admit

The fragments I still carry, 
Now sealed with my scars 
They’re a mosaic in my heart, no longer an obituary

On the day before your birthday, 
I’m forever grateful I once knew it whole
Even if for a short while
So I know to build it again one day with much more soul.

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