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The Purgatory – A Poem About The Duality Of Life In Lebanon

I wrote this poem to reflect on the sentiments of swinging between enjoying the goodness of Lebanese summers, and feeling aimless after the terrible events that happened.
Lebanon Fruits
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Between weeping over tragedies and endless vagaries
I spring out of bed to taste July’s plump blackberries 
Drooling over August’s prickly pears

Amid interrupted nightmares, I lie awake
Itching for dawn to feast on juicy peaches
Lusting on September’s walnuts and dripping grapes

Chained to my devices, nails all bitten
Consoled by swollen melons, ready to be eaten
Summer in Lebanon is a luscious kind of Eden

Somewhere amongst the tall buildings
Still in ruins, and mundane life staring sternly
The fig tree bears its sweet fruit, persisting gracefully

This is the see-saw of our ordinary
We oscillate between the harrowing memories, 
And generous helpings of delightful revelries

The season is over, the days are shorter
But somewhere in between, 
We are meandering; so lost, it’s obscene.

Just like those days between Christmas and New Year
You wake up aimlessly waiting for the next cheer
What day is it, and should I even be here?


For the universe to hear our frustration
To send us a wizard to deliver us salvation
And return us to our original adaptation

Some days I fear that the heavens have conspired
To send me home just in time
“Immerse your senses and revel as desired”

As I create these verses that rhyme
I’m terrified that one day they become
My only trace of Lebanon in her prime

But as one season ends, another one begins
Now that the sky’s had its first cry
It’s time pick fall’s olives, cold pressed in ample supply

I don’t know what the future carries
But as I await my country’s fate,
Autumn’s crisp radishes and tangy oranges are always a cause to celebrate.




Photo by Vitanovsky by Getty Images on Canva.

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